About Us.

Our Story

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The name “Yeti House” is inspired by our love for the outdoors and adventure. The Yeti, a mythical creature said to inhabit the Himalayas, represents the idea of seeking out the best and most authentic experiences. At Yeti House, we believe in taking this same approach to our food – seeking out the best ingredients and flavors and bringing them to your plate. From the beginning, we’ve been committed to sourcing the finest quality ingredients and supporting local markets. We believe in the farm-to-table concept and strive to create dishes that showcase the bounty of our region. Our menu is carefully crafted to ensure that we offer a diverse selection of dishes that cater to a range of tastes and dietary preferences. Our talented chefs have years of experience and are skilled at creating culinary masterpieces that are both satisfying and nourishing. Our unique blend of Indian and Nepali cuisine is sure to become a favorite among the Seattle community, and we can’t wait to share our passion for food with you.

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Our Food Policy :

At Yeti House, we are committed to providing our customers with the freshest and highest quality food possible. Our food policy is centered around the principles of sustainability, seasonality, and local sourcing. We believe that by using sustainable practices and sourcing locally, we can reduce our carbon footprint and support our community. We prioritize using seasonal ingredients to ensure the freshest flavors and reduce the need for excessive transportation. We also believe in transparency and strive to communicate the sources and methods of our ingredients to our customers.

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